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Custom Marbled Columns



Artist's notes:
"These columns match the floor. This room overlooks the river and is wonderful when you're standing in it. Turned out great!"

- Jason Austad

Expert Interior and Exterior Painting for Home and Business

We have been serving Bismarck/Mandan area homes and local businesses for over 15 years. Our workmanship and materials are top quality. Your home is your biggest investment. Why settle for less than the best? See our gallery for standard interior and exterior home and business painting examples.

We have painted countless Bismarck homes and commercial properties, providing both interior and exterior services ranging from standard painting of a single room to a restoration and restaining of decks ... up to extensive, one-of-a-kind, and amazing faux-finishing projects of new custom homes. Call us for a free estimate and more samples of our work.

What is faux finishing?

Faux finishing is a general term that refers to a variety of home decorative painting and texturizing techniques that “fool the eye” and create the appearance of other, more extravagant materials. The French word “faux” (pronounced like the English word “foe”) simply means "false." An entryway column might appear to be marble, but could actually be faux marble. A wall could look like aged, old world plaster, but indeed would be brand new. A fireplace mantel can have the character, surface cracks and patina of an historical architectural piece, yet, it's just a standard, inexpensive mantel with some expert faux finishing work. In other words, faux paintings are artistic renderings of dramatic, antique, or very special textures or surfaces that would cost a substantial amount of money to normally include in your home's décor if they were not a "faux" finish.

Faux finishing is versatile...

Walls, ceilings, columns, fireplace mantels and furniture are some of the surfaces that are commonly faux-finished. In fact, faux finishing is versatile and can be used on most surfaces. These finishes are usually easy to change if the homeowner decides in the future to redecorate. Most faux treatments can just be painted over. Faux finishes last longer than wall paper, are very durable, and can be customized for any space. Since a skilled painter's faux treatments are meant to “fool the eye,” a room's size and dimensions can even appear to change with skillfully-designed faux finishing.

Make your home into a work of art!

Austad Art is North Dakota's premier provider of designer wall finishes. We've been serving the local Bismarck / Mandan area as home interior and exterior painting contractors for over 13 years. We offer unparalleled quality in painting, faux finishing, and staining. We invite you to contact us with your design ideas and we will work with you to truly customize the look of your home. Why trust your home to anyone less than an expert home painter? Contact us for a free estimate, and visit the galleries to see the stunning results of Austad Art's work. (701) 355-4770 .